Strategy Automation

I’m having a problem with this feature…it only seems to execute for one hand at a time. It used to work, don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

@flopmeister still having issues? See this tutorial on the subject hopefully it helps:

I don’t know it’s a weird one. Like I said it used to work before. I had a bunch of pre-flop ranges that I used for a long time no problem. I then took a break from Melee and when I came back I deleted all these ranges and created some new ones. And now they only apply themselves to one hand at a time. Does playing at a 5 handed table make a difference? My next move is to once again delete all my ranges and build some simple ones with no weighing to see if they work. Any other suggestions?

So I tried creating a simple range with no weighing and it still doesn’t work. I give up unless you have any suggestions. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. It used to work like I said.