How to use the Automator to perform routine Actions both Preflop and Postflop

The Automator allows you to automate routine actions both preflop and postflop.

  1. Wait until you receive a Pending Hand, then click the Wrench Icon image. You should see that all the buttons turn yellow indicating you are in automation mode, finally click the action you want to automate (i.e. RAISE TO $90):

  2. If preflop, select the hands in your range you want to perform the action with, then hit the red button in the upper right to APPLY your automation:

  3. If postflop, you can (by default) perform the action on all hands in the current line by simply hitting the APPLY button:

  4. However, if you’d prefer, instead you can match only similar postflop hands to your own by going to the Hands to Match tab and dragging the slider over to the right, the Automator will show you example hands that would also match:

Hello, if I use the input a range for the automator to open in a certain situation, will it fold all the hands I didn’t put in its raising range or will it ask me what to do with those and just raise all the hands I told it to raise?

If it is the former, is there a way to have it raise a certain range but ask me about other hands?


@BootsMollie good question, you automate each action you want to take. It will not automatically do anything with the hands you do not select but it will show you which hands you still have in your range that you haven’t automated yet.

So for example, if you click the automator icon then raise and you choose this range (blue = selected) and hit apply:

(so we just automated raising 13.4% of hands)

Now when you automate your next action, say for example you want to fold the rest of the hands, once you click automate icon then fold it will automatically show you what hands you have left in your range:

You could also add in a step for CALL hands if you also had a limp range as well.

Does that help clarify?

Yes! Thanks, working well

@cruX Is this position dependent?

@Vexxus yes - position and action you are facing dependent

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How do I edit/delete automated actions?

And are automated actions only pertaining to that specific match? Or are they site-wide? Only in one so far, sorry for being a kook

@Teefyb they only pertain to the current match (unless you specifically enable Global Automations)

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