How to start a Match with your friends

To start a new Match:

  1. From the Dashboard, click this button to start a new Match:

  2. Enter the email address(es) or player name(s) of those you want to start a Match with. Then click the Create button.

  3. Set the amount of Hands to be played within the Match. Also, set a timeout for your opponents to act:

  4. There are also advanced features, like how many Big Blinds each player starts each Hand with, and whether or not to use EV in all-in situations or not:

  5. Last, give your Match a name:

  6. Once your Match has been created, invites will be sent to your opponents. The Match will start when everyone has accepted. Note that if you already have a Match history with an opponent, and they have not elected to block new games from being created, they will auto-accept the Match.

  7. You can check on the status of your Match and invites by expanding the Match:

  8. Note that once you already have matches underway, the Start New Match button moves to the bottom right-hand corner:

  9. Your opponents will see invites that look like this:

It’s not clear to me exactly how the action timeout works. Does it just check/fold their hands if the player doesn’t act in time? If so, 7 days seems like a pretty long time for the default value; it means that one inattentive player can have everyone else waiting a week to play.

And one other thing that is somewhat unclear is what happens in the case that a single player declines the invitation. Is it all-or-nothing?

Yes, if a player fails to act in time, their hands will be checked or folded, whichever is available. The timeout for a particular Match is configurable. The expectation is that players are playing more frequently, but the default is 7 days because sometimes you want some time to think about a particular hand in more detail while you play others.

And yes, if a single player declines an invite the Match will be canceled.

So is the timeout on a per-hand basis, i.e. you can play a bunch of your hands but if you ignore one for the timeout period it’ll be checked/folded?

Yes, that is correct.

So, there’s a bit of a pathology here with having a single timeout. Suppose that someone starts a match, and one person isn’t responding to any of their hands. If they fail to act, and all their hands time out, everyone else will have potentially a very short time within to act on their hands before they also time out, even if they weren’t the ones holding up the game.

The timeout is per action, so once all of that person’s hands timeout (and action is checked or folded), a new 7 day countdown would begin for the next person in each hand.

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