What is Poker Melee?

Poker Melee is a free turn-based version of No-Limit Texas Hold’em that you can play online with your friends.

You are currently in the forums which are used for discussion, however you can sign up a free account and play at this link: www.PokerMelee.com.

Once a Match is started between a group of players, all hands are essentially played simultaneously. Whenever it is your turn to act in a given hand within the Match, that hand is available for you to play. You can play your actions in a given hand without being located in the same place as your opponents, or without being available to play at the same time as them. Your actions in are queued up as your opponents play their actions and will wait until you are ready to play.

In a normal poker game, hands are played linearly, one after another, until the game concludes. With Poker Melee, hands are played in parallel and can take different paths as players act on their holdings. This allows you to play more hands in less time and lets you focus on the more interesting decisions that come your way.

Ready to start a match?

I played earlier also but these apps are easy to play poker with others without any issue. Earlier, William bentick plays with me but now I play this on my own.