When is my rating updated?

Is my rating updated on a per hand or per match basis?

How is my rating effected by a match that ends because of lack of play?

@ToddPig good questions. You are rated only at match completion and you are rated vs. every other player at your table. Your rating receives more of a bump if you beat someone with a HIGHER rating than your own. Also, the more you win the more your rating goes up as well.

In the event a match ends because a user times out on their hands, they will be check/folded but the ratings system described above still remains in place - ratings will happen when the match completes.

I think this is working out OK so far IMO, as your our own rating is only boosted so much by beating timing out new players (who start at rating 1500).

Like you’re not going to get to 1700 for example by beating 1500s players. But you can get to 1700 by beating 1600 players. And by the time players are 1600 it’s very likely they are nearly never timing out.