Resolved: Pending Hands are Blank

Vexxus: @cruX

Blank pending hands page is happening again. Here’s a screenshot. And once again clearing cookies for the website immediately fixes the problem. Maybe there’s a cookie bug?

@Vexxus decided to move bugs out of the Pool discussion thread.

That’s super weird it’s still happening, what browser is that? Maybe try Mobile Chrome/Firefox? Your hands load for me so it presumably (unless we hear about this same issue from others) it must be something specific to your setup.

Oh sorry for polluting the thread with bugs lol!
I actually am using mobile chrome, and have been this whole time. This issue has only happened to me in my last two matches, Teeny King and Wolfish Bachelor.

@Vexxus did you just start using automations in those 2 matches?

@Vexxus hmm I might have an idea – does this happen intermittently like it works for about a day then happens again?

Yes, it’s intermittent exactly like you said.
And I only started using automations for Teeny King, Wolfish Bachelor was still manual.

@Vexxus ok cool, I think I found the issue. Just pushed a possible fix. Try refreshing a few times let me know if you still see it…

@cruX I think it worked! It was blank again this morning and then I refreshed 3 or 4 times and I can see the hands now. Thanks man!

@Vexxus nice, and definately let me know if you see it again!

Alright the bug has spread to my computer now.
The pre-login page works ok, but as soon as I sign in, everything is blank. Just joined a new match that was called something funny like Cold Fanny, and set up some automation.

Gonna try clearing cookies on the PC now. Using Chrome here too, Version 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Edit: did a Shift+F5 on and pending hands came up straight away.

@Vexxus ya I wonder if that was an old cached copy of the app that loaded the first time? Kind of seems like it.

Could be!
Are these reports helpful for you? If so I’ll keep looking out for bugs.

Definitely. Appreciate you being on the hunt @Vexxus :grinning:

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