Resolved: Bug or me not understanding? Says I have 10 active matches when I have four

I’ll be a patron soon but meanwhile, right now I’m trying to join a match, and I have four active matches, and it gives me a message saying I can’t start a match right now because I have ten active matches and am not a patron.

Am I misunderstanding what an active match is (I am assuming it’s a match that is not completed, a match that is in bold when I click on "my matches), or is there a bug of some kind happening here?

@SingularThey looks like there is a bug in the label - it should read “5 active matches” (corrected - will push an update shortly). However since you only have 4 active matches there still might be an issue :slight_smile: I am investigating and will report back shortly.

@SingularThey ok - try now! And please let me know if you see that message again!

It works now. Thanks!

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