Raise amount incorrect

@C4pAble I can’t believe it took me this long to notice this lol


A pot-sized raise should be $75, not $65 here. You can confirm by looking at the pot odds laid for LJ for each size.

Total raise size should = ($55 * raise%) + $20. You appear to be using +$10 instead.

Or am I missing something?

@Gambit I think someone else brought this up in another thread - the way you’re computing is how the online poker sites do it I believe, I think it’s computed like a raise of the current pot, so:

current pot: $15 (dead) + $20 (initial raise) + $20 (your call) = $65

15+20+20 = 55, not 65. You’d meet their bet and then make pot sized ($55 + RFI) bet to raise, for $75 total.

I looked at a few more spots and it appears to be $10 short everywhere. This means a pot-sized raise isn’t laying the right pot odds.

Formula should be:

Raise%*(Pot size as if you had called) + (RFI amount to call)

Pot sized raise should be 76 not 66 in order to lay 2:1 pot odds.

Should be 98 not 88 in order to lay 2:1 pot odds.

Fractional raises like 75% and 150% are similarly short $10

@Gambit The way you are advocating - do you know if it’s the same way PokerStars works?

And just to confirm this is ONLY broken when someone raises and you are 3-betting/4-betting etc right? So if you are first to act the pot sized raise is currently correct?

I can confirm that is indeed the way Pokerstars does it.

The preflop opening sizes on melee are correct. All other preflop raises seem to be short $10.

Ok :+1: thanks, I’ll try to put a fix in before next kings court.