New feature request: Additional Hand Filters

This thread is to discuss additional filters that would be nice to have for reviewing matches. If there are already filters that can be used to satisfy these queries and I just haven’t figured them out yet, please let me know.

In general, I’d like to be able to further refine my searches to isolate particular aspects of my play through the course of games.

  • Hands won (by percentage of pot) (preflop/postflop/turn/river)
  • Hands folded (preflop/postflop/turn/river)
  • Perhaps an “advanced” query option that permits set-oriented expressions (set union/intersection/disjunction/complement) - the predefined filters could be simply tags for these sorts of expressions.

Also, perhaps a filter for/ability to display incomplete hands?

On further reflection, I think being able to see incomplete hands is probably my #1 request. Extra bonus fantasy feature would be to be able to tag/note hands with what I was thinking at the time I took a specific action for later reflection and analysis.