How to fix an incorrectly set range automation midmatch

Hypothetically, if someone had messed up a preflop range to bet instead of fold, how would I fix that midmatch?

@Vexxus automations take effect immediately - so like if you put in open 50% of hands from the button that automation will immediately be applied to all hands in your Queue.

To address your question about messing up, since you are Patron you have access to Global Automations which are like normal automations except they are applied to every match until you delete them. This also means they can be deleted mid match, so under Settings you could enable these 2 options:

This gives you a nice interface to delete automations:

@cruX no dice boss

Did you enable it in Settings? See post up above there are 2 options you have to enable.

Damn I wish I could read.
Now it’s there. Thanks!

Sure - and to use it in match make sure you are applying your automations across all matches (globally) by selecting this radio box in the automator:


Once you hit APPLY you will see it show up in that new interface you just found.