How long does it take to get a match started?

I’ve got a message that says I’ve basically joined a match, but its looking for two more players to make a full table. It’s been like this for an hour or two I think. How long does it generally take to get one of these things started, and when does it give up and just do the six or seven players it currently has?

@SingularThey hey sorry I missed this. The way it’s set up right now is each additional person that joins extends the time out before the table will start not full. This was done because I assume people want to try to get a full table if possible. Pools have been started pretty rapidly towards weekends and less so during the weekdays, at least that’s been my observation thus far. They’ve only been open for a few weeks and we’re still building up a player base.

Thanks for the info!

I spread the word at my city’s “where to find games” facebook group hoping it would draw people in due to isolation but that is mostly older recreational players so I’m afraid it probably didn’t bring many if any new users. I do hope the site blows up though.

Like, maybe this is an exaggeration but I feel like really good players, like pros, should dig a site like this. It is a great way to execute strategy in bulk and see what works if you see what I mean.

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@SingularThey Sure! Thank you for spreading the word (that helps immensely), and also for the kind sentiment, it’s been incredibly hard getting it out there and I have the same feeling that many people would really enjoy it if they only knew it existed…