Hands automatically checking through?

I’ve had a few hands in the match Onerous Cooler which are checking down to the river and I don’t remember playing these hands. Example screenshot here - this is not a hand I would be checking all the way. It’s also not like Gramma to check all the way.
Is there potentially some kind of bug? I don’t have any post flop automations that I can see.

@Vexxus I wonder if it’s related to that “Global Automations” experimental feature we enabled. Can you try disabling that in settings and let me know if you see it happen again?

@cruX yeah I’ll do that, but first I’ll play another match or two to make sure I’m not just imagining it.

Happened again. There is no way both me and Gramma checked this all the way. I also don’t see a flush on the board very often and would have remembered this hand.
@Gramma does this make any sense to you?

@Vexxus is it possible you are timing out? In pool games you have to play through ALL your hands within the specified timeout period or you will be auto check/folded out of your remaining hands in the match.

For example if timeout is 2 days, and you have 100 hands to play through, you can’t just play some hands every 2 days, you have to play ALL 100 hands within 2 days.

@Vexxus - I remember this hand and meant to check.