Feature request: showdown hands

Hi not sure if I missed this anywhere in the settings or someone has requested this before.
But is there any way we could see the hand conclusion if players other than yourself went to showdown?

Click on the match, select “hands”, select the player in question, show more than 5 per page, then you can see all hands that took place in the match.

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Ahh I see. What do you guys feel about it showing up organically in your pending hands for showdown hands. Too annoying? I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be as there’re not that many hands that would get to showdown in the first place.

@qlf we actually had it like you are suggesting in the original version, and yes it got super annoying!

I personally do what gambit is suggesting, and then click on the Pot Size column a few times to sort by biggest pots in the match.