Does ALL-IN strategy change with Distribute EV winnings

Hello everyone,
Just joined a couple of days ago and this is a bit of a come back to poker after a decade. Melee seemed like the perfect tool to work on some modern strategy.

I am getting used to the Distributed EV winnings after an ALL-IN. Was wondering if anyone had any tips/tricks on how it changes things.

So far I got caught off guard with a flush/straight draw before the River. And it feels like a Two-Pair after the Flop is stronger than it would be in normal play.

Am I just tripping or should I adapt strategy?


You’re tripping Sibbaz
It doesn’t change anything


Yes of course, that’s the whole point in fact


@BootsMollie I actually still don’t understand how this works. Sometimes it seems like the winner gets the full stack, sometimes only a few hundred. Is it actually split proportionally according to the win %?


All In at any time before the River, then pot is split based on equity value of players’ hands at that point taking into consideration all the different outcomes possible from that point of the hand on.

All In after the River the above statement is still True but equity value between the two players must be 100 vs 0 as there are no more cards to come (no more theoretical outcomes), and therefore one of the 2 hands must beat the other one 100%


Ahh thank you for explaining.