Click backs / min clicks resulting in calls

Just had a few hands where i’ve min raised a 3bet, and it counted my hands as calls. Since it happened twice today just wanted to pass it along; I don’t know if it’s a known thing or not. First time, i passed it off as a misclick on my part, but it happened twice in a row, i don’t flat KK here in either spot :stuck_out_tongue:


*note only lets me post one image, have the other hand if it’s helpful.

Alright i deleted this because i thought it’s me not increasing the bet enough. but now i’ve clicked a couple times above the min-raise, and it flatted my KK again. It really does NOT like when i try to min-raise with KK.

@FliptheFlop do you remember what size were you attempting to raise to there vs LooneyDogzz $103 3-bet? Were you trying to make it $162 or $206?

it’s gonna be $10 above whatever the lowest number is that’s highlighted. Is it not safe to assume the highlighted bets are allowable, and the not highlighted bets are not allowable (too small)?