Can't view matches

Hi, just started playing and really enjoying the site. For some reason, after a couple of games I can no longer see my matches and hand history despite trying a few different browsers. Saw a previously related thread but was wondering if there is any fix for this? Thanks!

@Stute is this still an issue? I thought we resolved this bug as well.

Issue for me too. It was working fine until i started two matches at the same time.

@PukkaVXR can you try 1) logging out then 2) clearing cookies? If it still persists I can debug your account.

I’m getting the same problem. It was working and just randomly stopped

I just tried your instructions and still cannot see them

@Bobathy @PukkaVXR interesting noticed you two were both in the same match - may be related to that… I just cleared out your automated filters - can you try again and let me know if it’s fixed?

Unfortunately still no luck here. It seems my hand statistics is also affected by this since that page doesn’t show any information either.
Pending hands still works.

Yeah we are friends in real life, chatting on WhatsApp, his stopped working and mine was working fine for a few hours then just stopped. I cant think of anything different I did apart from go from pending hands to my matches.
Still not working though

@Bobathy @PukkaVXR ok - see what you guys are talking about now - should be fixed - enjoy!

Can confirm my matches are now working again. Can i ask what the issue was in case we encounter it again in the future?

@PukkaVXR nice - basically you had 2 matches with the same name (which is normally fine), but one of the matches didn’t actually exist - no hands were created or associated with it - which is why your matches screen was having trouble loading.

I’m not entirely sure how this happened - possibly some sort of bug when you were creating a match? :thinking: