Can't scroll horizontally on charts page (mobile)

I’m on mobile chrome, and on the charts page in a match or the player analysis page, horizontal scrolling doesn’t work.
Can go up and down fine, but not left to right. Applies to both portrait and landscape mode.

@Vexxus I think I see this too but only when I go to Player Analysis and look at my results vs everyone… in a single match it seems to work fine for me. Will add to the bug list, thanks for reporting.

@cruX let me know if I can provide any more info. Here’s what an individual match charts page looks like for me, with no way to scroll horizontally.

@Vexxus thanks, what if you turn the phone sideways instead of vertical? Can you see all positions/opponents then?

@cruX yes, in the individual match going landscape lets me see everything. But in the player analysis, I can’t see my performance against all players and cannot scroll.