Ads cover the interface

Hello all.

So, I’m new here, and was pretty excited about the site. I had to disable my ad blocker to play, which was fine by me, but now the ads just cover up most of the interface instead of being in the blank space on a page. I thought it might be a browser issue, so I switched from Opera to Chrome and found the same problem.

Is there a fix for this? I considered becoming a patron but that seems foolish without ever having used the site yet.

Agree that the ad placement sucks, it should always be below the buttons, not in the middle. Same for looking into a match detail, there’s an ad right in the middle, which makes screenshots look like ass.
I’ve been playing for a few weeks and enjoy the site a ton, but there are a few bugs holding me back from becoming a patron. For example some folks have reported that being a patron only removes ads on one device and that won’t work for me.

@ChzSandvich put in a fix for new accounts, refresh your browser do you still see the Ads?

@Vexxus Essentially the story is we started out with no Ads, then less Ads and still had < 1% of users upgrading despite really positive feedback about the site in general. As you can imagine the infrastructure to run this site costs a bit so we still are operating at a monthly loss.

So we’re trying to find the right balance between Ads/annoyance and free functionality. Open to any suggestions in this respect.

Totally get that, and am not annoyed by ads at all in general - just wish they were positioned differently :slight_smile:

The countdown timer thing is just the right amount of annoying too! Makes me seriously consider paying every time.

Is there a way I can donate on a one-time basis?

I used to play on another completely unrelated niche game site, and the organizer there published monthly donation target in the site’s header. It was $12 month to run the site and there was a progress bar. I played that game for over two years and every single month the target was met. There was a published donor list too so everyone could see which person paid for the site that month. Though we had a player pool of about 125-175 people.

Yep, I still see the ads covering the interface on both browsers, so as of now the game is unplayable, unfortunately.

@ChzSandvich OK I think I see what is happening, give it one more refresh

@cruX so I’m still seeing the same thing as originally reported. Both mobile chrome and windows chrome. The issue is that the ad shows up between the buttons and the hand info at the top. When the ad reloads, the buttons jump around, either up or down depending on which ad shows up. If the ad was always below the buttons, there would be no issue.

@Vexxus that sounds like there is a bug with the jumping around, but also if the ads are annoying that’s sort of the intention.

Even if we fixed that issue ads themselves don’t cover the cost of running the site (I think most people would be surprised how little revenue Ads bring in unless you have hundreds of thousands of hits a day), so if anything the interface will have to go more naggy/ad filled unless we figure out another solution.

But again, is the intention to make the interface buttons move around? If not I can help give you screenshots of whatever you need to troubleshoot. If the jumping is intentional it will alienate people, as it’s quite annoying, and make fewer people get invested enough to support the site. If the ad is below the interface buttons it’s still perfectly visible.

I had made some suggestions earlier in this thread on methods I’ve seen work on another niche game site.

If you’re trying to grow the site, it takes money to make money. Where are you advertising and how are you trying to get more players? A healthy base of free players will result in a healthy base of supporters.

@Vexxus yes, the (current) intention is to make the interface annoying for users who have had a chance to experience the site free of ads/annoyances but are choosing not to upgrade.

As I stated above we have tried less aggressive approaches in the past and it resulted in nobody upgrading.

Got it, thanks for clarifying.

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@Vexxus refresh Ads should be gone (decided to go more the nagscreen route), hopefully will be less annoying now :stuck_out_tongue: